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Margaret Atwood–First Up in Future Library
posted Monday, June 29, 2015
In this world of “nothing is ever fast enough”, the seeds of an idea for delaying gratification is certainly a novel one.  This is exactly what the Future Library in Norway is all about.  Katie Patterson, the creator of Future Library, wants the participant to think far into the future instead of the instant gratification […]

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Amazon Figures Out a Different Path–Again
posted Friday, June 26, 2015
We can all concede that Amazon has made our lives easier by our one-click penchant but decisions they make to their own business plan puts us dead center of their brainstorming sessions.  Amazon has decided to circumvent the how-to-pay-authors-for-self-publishing-e-books controversy by creating a pay for pages read rather than downloads concept.  It’s certainly novel (no […]

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