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The Western New York Library Resources Council (WNYLRC) works on behalf of more than 60 member institutions (see WNYLRC’s Member Directory) comprised of public, school, academic, hospital and special libraries in the six counties of Western New York (Erie, Niagara, Chautauqua, Cattaraugus, Orleans & Genesee).

Over 1000 librarians and library staff are eligible to participate on committees and attend training and professional development activities sponsored by the Council and its partners. In addition, WNYLRC pursues grant funding for special projects that benefit all members. WNYLRC keeps abreast of future trends and technological advances and introduces initiatives by forming pilot programs such as the WNYLRC-UB-Illiad interlibrary loan pilot. These shorter-term projects enable members to form partnerships to partake of endeavors that might not be feasible for them to try alone. WNYLRC is an advocate for libraries of all types through active participation in advocacy day in Albany and by meeting with local, state and federal legislators.


Member Categories

Governing Membership:

Governing Membership. The following criteria will determine eligibility for Governing Membership in WNYLRC:

  1. Any degree-granting chartered institutions of higher education whose library meets current State Education Department (SED) standards or has submitted an appropriate five-year plan for the realization of those standards (see Commissioner’s Regulations 90.5)
  2. Any public and school library systems meeting the current SED standards including New York State Educational Law and Commissioner’s Regulations. Individual public and school libraries that are members of a school or public library system are considered an affiliate and are eligible for some WNYLRC benefits under this category but concede their voting rights to the system headquarters
  3. Any individual public libraries who are members of a public library system
  4. Any individual school libraries who are members of a school library system
  5. Special reference and research libraries in chartered educational agencies
  6. Special reference and research libraries in non-profit chartered organizations such as museums and historical societies
  7. Special reference and research libraries in private sector organizations such correctional facilities
  8. Hospital libraries that meet the standards established by the regents in accordance with section §254
  9. Free Association libraries who are members of a public or school library system
  10. Indian (Native American) libraries who are members of a public or school library system
  11. Special non-profit organizations and private corporations providing serious reference and research library services in the WNYLRC service area meeting the following criteria:
    1. a collection or repository of resources used to support the institution’s primary clients and/or community OR;
    2. expenditure of more than $3,000.00 annually on print and/or electronic library materials
  12. Governing Members agree to the extent possible to freely and willingly share resources with other WNYLRC members onsite, onsite by appointment, and/or via interlibrary loan at no cost to the borrower

Patron Membership: 
The Patron Membership is for those that do not meet the Governing Membership level.

There are three levels of Patron Membership: 

  1. Organizational – Organizations that do not have a physical collection per se to resource share and/or may have expertise to share in the area of library and information science, or may work on behalf of WNYLRC members in other venues in support of libraries and/or resource sharing
  2. Personal – Retirees from the field of librarianship, individual librarians and library assistants who prefer to keep current with issues affecting the WNY library community
  3. Student – Students who are currently obtaining their MLS or graduates who have had their MLS less than 12 months

Eligibility Review:

  1. All Governing members shall be subject to review by the WNYLRC Board of Trustees as to eligibility.
  2. The review shall be scheduled and announced at the determination of the board of trustees.
  3. Patron members are approved by the WNYLRC Executive Director.

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For more information see: Membership By-laws 

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