On behalf of the Western New York Library Resources Council, we here at Intersect would like to thank everybody who made Intersect 2018: Where Ideas and People Meet! a success!  It was awesome to see such great ideas, creativity and support for a new conference for the library workers of Western NY, and we are excited to announce the beginning of Round One (Idea Submission) for Intersect 2019: The Global Library! Date and location TBA.

The Global Library” was a theme suggested anonymously by one of our 2018 attendees, and the committee overwhelmingly approved of this suggestion.  There are many ways to interpret what is meant by “global library,” and we want to see your ideas for what this wide-reaching term can encompass.  

The Global Library can mean so many different things in the library context, and we want to hear your ideas and suggestions of what this concept means to you.

Please submit your ideas to our Tricider today! Vote for the ideas you like best. We want to hear from all perspectives!