WNYLRC Workshop: Get Your Game On! Bringing Badges to the Library: Embracing 21st century Assessment
Tuesday, March 8, 2016
1:00 pm to 4:00 pm


Many educational reformers have suggested that Digital Badges can transform how learning is currently measured, motivated, and supported. But like many pedagogical tools, a digital badge’s value is highly dependent on the learning opportunity and the learner. This is especially true in informal education where so much good learning occurs but is often, traditionally unrecognized outside of the setting where it occurred. This workshop, led by one of the nations' leading researchers on digital badges, will provide an overview of what digital badges are and what current research tells us on how they can support learning in libraries and other informal learning settings. Participants will have the opportunity to both earn and, more importantly, learn how to create digital badges that can best serve their patrons.


WNYLRC Training Center


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Dr. Samuel Abramovich
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Sam Abramovich is an Assistant Professor in the Graduate School of Education at the University at Buffalo. His research is devoted to finding and understanding the learning opportunities between the intersection of the Learning Sciences and Emerging Technology. Shortly after graduating from the University of Pittsburgh with a Ph.D. in Learning Science and Policy, Sam was named a recipient of an Edmund W. Gordon MacArthur Foundation/ETS Fellowship. Prior to earning his Ph.D., Sam was a researcher at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD, a technology coordinator for the Rashi School in Newton, MA, and a serial dot-commer.

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WNYLRC Special Libraries Breakfast Discussion

Join your colleagues for a Special Libraries Breakfast Discussion at WNYLRC on Thursday September 14 from  8:30am to 11am

Trying to find a place to store your newest accessions? Still haven’t found space for things already part of your holdings? You are not alone!

Why not join your colleagues from across the region to discuss the issue of physical storage for collections and what common concerns and/or challenges you may have. As part of the discussion, we have invited guests to join us who have been involved in cooperative efforts with multiple organizations to develop shared spaces for storage and programming. They can relate some of their experiences and maybe provide ideas and suggestions for tackling the space dilemma!

If you can attend, please register by Wednesday September 6th!

See you then!