Data for Librarians
Wednesday, September 22, 2021
Wednesday, September 22, 2021
9:00 am to 10:00 am

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Online via Zoom


Data is for everybody, which means it’s most definitely for librarians.  The habits and skills that librarians use every day are the same ones that can be utilized to paint a clearer picture of their world.  Data is cataloging, acquisitions, and even reference and instruction. Data is everywhere, so long as you know how to think about it. Becca and Kim are going to tear away the veil of mystery that can hang around data and empower everybody to reveal the stories buried in their own data. Whether interested in data about libraries and library workers, or data from libraries, or even learning about the curation, management and use of data by libraries and their patrons, this is for you.

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Becca Bley and Kim Herrington
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Becca Bley, MLS, is a former Reference & Systems Librarian and now works as an Analytics Engineer for a logistics software company.  Becca spent 7 years working in higher education librarianship before turning to data work.

Kimberly Herrington, Data Journalist and Creator of #BuffaloBusinessIntelligence. Kimberly has a wealth of experience getting hands-on with data in the health world, and is excited to find stories in numbers. She stays on top of health analytics trends to create clever data stories and content that bring value to the organization. Kimberly was recently nominated in two categories for InfoTechWNY's BETAS 2021 Awards.


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Intersect 2021: Resilience, Renewal, and Beyond

The WNYLRC Continuing Education Committee is excited to announce that registration is now open for Intersect 2021: Resilience, Renewal, and Beyond! The unconference will again be held virtually, with a registration cost of $20.21.

We would like to thank everybody who has contributed to the planning process so far! We continue to be inspired by the great ideas, creativity, and support from the library workers of Western New York and beyond.

The full program and session schedule are available at this link.

Presentations will include:

Glass Half Full: Successes in the Time of COVID-19

Adapting Outreach: Getting Creative with B&ECPL's Mobile Services

Burnout and Crisis Management: How to Stay Fresh with Your Library's Social Media

Generation 1.5 and Academic Libraries: Strategies for Supporting English Learners in Reference and Instruction

Geocaching in the School Library Media Center for Social and Emotional Learning

International Collaboration in Interesting Times: StorymapsJS, Skype, and Stefan Zweig

Just Say No: Strategies for Building Resilience in Stressful Times

Tech Tools Worth Talking About

Success Through Survival: The Evoluation of IL Librarians in Response to the Unique Challenges of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Sustainable Libraries Initiative

Sustaining Sustainability Programs

What Divides Us? The Roles of Libraries in Building Digital Equity in Their Communities


The purpose of Intersect is to facilitate a culture of co-learning among librarians and other interested professionals in the region by bringing people together to network and share ideas in an interactive, engaging, informal setting where participants determine the content. 

We hope that you can join us this year!